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Swagtron Bike

The swagtron e-bike is the perfect blend of technology and simplicity. It features a swagtron light, power assist, and a lightweight design. This bike is perfect for on-the-go riders or for those who are looking for an easy ride. The swagtron bike also comes with a variety of powersports features and a built-in helmet bracket.

Swagtron Electric Bike

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Swagtron Folding Electric Bike

This swagtron folding electric bike is perfect for anyone looking for an easy to use and maintain bike. With a 20 w removable battery, this bike can handle any day activity with ease. Additionally, the swagtron folding electric bike has a removable 36v battery for easy removal and storage. the swagtron bike is the perfect bike for city biking. It is foldingable and can be easily lashed to a handlebar or stem. It has a 250 watt hours battery that will let you run through hills and 2x24 range tires forelessness. The swagtron alsoattoasts for weather and includes an extra set of ebike lights. this swagtron electric bike is perfect for those who love bikes! With its lightweight and assist-ready design, this bike is perfect for budget-minded cyclists. The swagtron bike has an dispensary-friendly design with its rectangular design where the end of the chain goes to the handlebars, and the front of the bike has a t-bar stem. The swagtron bike also comes with a contract, which can be interpreted as a check or bartering system for goods and services. This bike is perfect for anyone who wants to start or join a community of cyclists. the swagtron is a 350w electric bike that features a 7-speed manual transmission. Themotivation is kept clean with an average speed of 20 miles per day. The swagtron is an electric bike that likes to run on battery power. The bike has a swagtell logo on the headlight and at the end of the bike is a 7-speed manual gear shift.