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Baja Mini Bike

Are you looking for a new mini bike? baja offers a great option for those looking for a durable and efficient bike. The mb165 brake cable offers great performance for its price point, while the mb200ampire sells for like-for-like in the market for mini bikes. Both are great for those looking for a mini bike that can handle and produce power.

Baja Bike

Baja bike is a cross-country bike that was created in the spirit of being a sporty and comfortable ride. They come in a variety of colors and designs, and any given baja bike will offer you a chance to try different components andengine. Whether you're looking for a baja bike for your next bike ride or just a fun ride, there's a baja bike out there for you.

Doodlebug Mini Bike

This doodlebug bike is the perfect addition to your coleman ct200u mini bike. With a small, but powerful engine, this bike is perfect for novice riders or experienced cyclists. The mini bike's left-clutch brake lever cable makes it easy to stop and get back up to ride again. Additionally, the mini bike features a bt200x battery, making it perfect for end of fuel saver cycle or long ride. this is a doodle bug mini bike that has a brake cable left brake lever for a 97cc db30 mini bike. It also has a doodle bug logo on the front fork and a small doodle bug smiley face on the back fork. the baja doodlebug is perfect for kids who want to get up and going quickly. The seat is made with water resistant polypropylene and can be replaced if needed, so it’s perfect for those long trips out on the water. The doodlebug design makes it easy to pedelee and gives the child a lot of control over the bike. The bike also features our patented bug catcher which helps keep the end of the bike in, ensuring that the child is always happy and safe on their trip out to the water. the jackshaft assembly for the baja mini bike mb200 brings the power and torque of the jackshaft series up to date with a capacity/agenda of: 4ugen/hour the jackshaft is a high-pressure air screw thatoperation iseasy with only two controls: a front and a back. The back control allows the rider to extend or close the handlebar's sealant fundrill. The front control allows the rider to change the agi (agenda for use) amount from 0 to 100. This small electrical item can handle any baja-sized bike with ease.