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26 Mountain Bike Rear Wheel 7 Speed

Get your bike up to speed with this 2627. 529 carbon hub disc mtb clincher rim 7-11s cassette. This wheel is perfect for the mountain bike enthusiast or daredevil. With great performance and durable build, this wheel is perfect for the run after the race.

Cheap 26 Mountain Bike Rear Wheel 7 Speed

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26 Mountain Bike Rear Wheel 7 Speed Walmart

Looking for a quality 26 mountain bike wheelset that fits shimano hg 7-11 speed cassette? look no further than alex's wheelset. Alex's wheelset is a full-time performer with a +16 front and +28 backiameter. These wheelset's cams are alloy and it features alex's own signature design. Plus, alex's wheelset is built with a full-time performance in mind. Choose 26 mountain bike wheelset alex rims for a quality you'll love. this is a 26 inch rear mountain bicycle alloy wheel that is for 7 speed used. This wheel is engaging and moves the hands for mountain biking. It has a 36-hole qr axle with a 15 inchwide center bore and atravel of 20 pounds. The wheel is made of durable materials like aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is a great wheel for those who are looking for a quality ride. the 26x1. 5 mountain bike rear wheel is a 567 speed freewheel that is perfect for fast heavy-duty rides and trading-off among other rides. The alloy silver quickly releases to help with speed and performance. the 26 mountain bike rear wheel is a great choice for those looking for a fast and stable bike. It is lightweight and versatile, perfect for young athletes or for using onopezbergs or super-hills. The mountain bike design allows for high-grip tires that will not cause problems on harder surface, and a quick-drying coating helps with.